How the Future of Information Technology Will Change the World as We Know it

If you are looking for an industry which is fluid, full of challenges, and keeps changing all the time, then the IT industry is the right one for you. There is worldwide activity and innovation in the field, so there is something new and exciting going on at all times. However, this makes the IT […]

What tools can knowledge management systems use?

Organizations and people need and use knowledge on a daily basis. Often, the total knowledge of a specific organization is represented by the knowledge of their employees. However, the knowledge employees need is not always available to them because they do not know where it is, how to access it, or whether it exists in […]

What can innovation do for knowledge management?

Knowledge management and innovation management have developed a close relationship. However, knowledge management and innovation established themselves as separate fields, each with its own separate area of research. Innovation is the combination and implementation of knowledge into new patterns. The knowledge itself, however, is the basis from which a good innovation is created. The new […]